De Wit Stukadoors has been the leader in plastering since 1980. The family business from Hoogkarspel works for both individuals and companies in West-Friesland and the Kop van Noord-Holland. Our branch in Amsterdam enables us to serve the entire Randstad area as well. You can come to us for all projects great and small, as well as for emergency jobs in the Amsterdam region. Whether you’re building or renovating, we can create any style you desire using smooth plaster, ornamental plaster (spachtelputz), spray paint or latex, as well as mouldings and ornaments for a classic atmosphere or a stylish, modern look. The possibilities are endless, but good advice is essential. Our professionals will be happy to help you with everything from advice to implementation.


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Smooth plaster is a commonly used finish in plastering and provides a good foundation for further finishing with latex or spray paint in your desired colour. We will be happy to advise you on other alternatives.

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Ornamental plaster is a collective name for various textured plasters, the most well-known being spachtelputz. Using this gives walls a specifically luxurious look. Decorative plasters are available in different structures, grain thicknesses and colours. They consist of a synthetic resin-bonded material that is hard enough to withstand most scratches and damage.

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We work with a variety of techniques and products for finishing ceilings. This includes modern ceilings as well as classic ceilings with mouldings and ornaments – whatever best suits your style and decor. We colour the ceilings with a modern 'airless' spray paint to achieve the best final result.

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Applying paint to walls or ceilings by spraying ensures a brilliantly smooth result. We ‘mist’ the wall with paint or latex using a clean, sustainable method for a long-lasting result. This 'airless' spray paint ensures a high-quality finish that you simply cannot achieve with rollers or brushes.

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You can choose frames and ornaments to decorate your ceilings and/or walls. The plaster decorations create a traditional, classic look, or conversely, a stylish and modern effect. Whether you’re looking for a corner or wall frame, we supply and assemble a wide variety of skirting boards and rosettes, such as the most common ‘Amsterdam’ flat skirting board.

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The concrete look is a collective name for everything resembling concrete. It is a unique, trendy, vintage and boldly expressive product that suits both modern and classic interiors. The materials we use include Beal Mortex, Microtopping, Basebeton and Brander Stucco Matt. Concrete look can be applied in all kinds of settings in a wide variety of different colours. We’d be happy to consult with you about your wishes, and the available options and alternatives.

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You can hire us for large and small renovation projects in both existing houses and newly constructed homes and other buildings. Our customers include both private individuals and businesses, and we also do work for home owners associations, expats and the hospitality industry.